May 12 - June 8



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Africa Field Camp


Field camp will be held in the Western Cape Province of South Africa for 4 weeks (28 days) beginning in early May. See the box at the right for cost and dates.


The camp is intended as a "capstone" course for earth science majors in which students use the techniques and knowledge they have accumulated in their undergraduate program to produce geologic maps and reports. Since students arrive with different backgrounds the first third of the course is designed to review the fundamentals of geologic mapping: calibrating compasses, taking strike and dip measurements, constructing cross-sections and compiling stratigraphic columns. This course emphasizes the use of modern tools (laptop computers and GPS, as well as tablet and pad apps) to collect and record data quickly and efficiently in the field. Students use GIS software (e.g. QGIS) to produce geologic maps. The course presents elements of earth history not usually covered or emphasized in North American curricula. Students get a chance to examine rocks from the Proterozoic to Recent in a logical sequence with explanations of how these rocks fit into the overall geologic history of South Africa.


Abbreviated Itinerary


May 12-18: Simons Town - Lower Paleozoic rocks, Cape Town vicinity

May 19-28: Oaks Rest - Middle & Upper Paleozoic near Ladismith in Little Karoo

May 29-June 2: Pascals Place - Mesozoic in the Big Karoo

June 3-6: Duinepos - Recent Sediments is West Coast Park near Langebaan

June 7-8: Cape Town, Table Mtn., Sea Point, depart


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